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Episode 7 - Team Fortress 2

A Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Classed Based Shooter, Developed by Valve, Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular games released by Valve, surpassed only by games such as Half Life and World of Warcraft (For obvious reasons.).  

TF2 has knocked all other competitors out of the park, with games such as Monday Night Combat, Brink and even Borderlands, unable to compete with the gargantum game.  TF2 is a solely multiplayer game with no solo campaign available at present.  It is played with 9 extremely different classes with specific strengths and weaknesses, making the game balanced in the field of combat.  Thanks to countless updates (counted up on the official blog) released by Valve, the game also has a vast range of interchangable weapons, hats and many unique fun features that make the game that much morwe interesting.  Thanks to player made content, there is a versatile amount of maps and arenas to play on and there is always a guarantee that you can find a server full of fun loving players wanting to blow you into little bloody giblets.

Outside of the game, there is a large amount of videos that promote the game and give a bizzare look into the personalities of each class that you probably wouldn't find in the game.  Many videos are released by Valve, but Even more are released every day by the fans of this long running game.  Comics have been made, looking into the backstory of some of the classes and unseen characters of the game.  Some have names given, some remain annonymous even to this day (For reference, See the Pyro).

Thsi game is at it's peak, with hundreds of players, thousands of fans, and some of the greatest game mechanics of all time.  All coming from a fan made mod designed for the Half Life Engine.  What a legacy.

And Now it's coming to an end...

Valve recently made Team Fortress 2 free to play.  Forever.  In the eyes of many, including myself, this can only mean one thing.  This is the End of TF2.  Since the game is now free, It will only be a matter of time before the updates stop.  Yes the game wil still be there to play, but Valve will be having a hands off approach after all this time.

The game developers in charge of designing updates will probably move onto finishing the Half Life series, maybe make a Left 4 Dead 3 and possibly a Portal sequel that will tie in with the Half Life story.  After that, who can say?  Some speculate that Team Fortress 3 might be in the works, but I remain sceptical, as how would Valve improve on Perfection?  Apart from more classes, bigger maps, female class options, better graphics and Vehicles.  Just Saying.

4.5 Gigawatts.

Acaroa, Signing Out.
Virtual Un-Fantasy 7

Team Fortress 2 is awesome. I really hope that this isn't the end for this noble and mighty game.
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July 23, 2011
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